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Web Related Software & Resources

Apache open source HTTP Server. This software is used to run this site.

Very Highly Recommended.

Apache 2.0

MySQL Database Server (open source). This software is used to run this site.

Very Highly Recommended.


PHP - Hypertext Preprocessor (open source). This software is used to run this site.

Very Highly Recommended.

W3C Validation World Wide Web Consortium - Online Markup Validation Service. (see also main site ). An excellent resource.
HTMLTrim The HTMLTrim Project. XHTML & HTML cleanup software (open source). Also useful for error checking (see also W3C's online validator )
W3C Amaya Editor

Amaya. The W3C open source HTML browser/editor.

Not yet tested.

Arachnophilia Arachnophilia. A careware HTML editor. Basic but very good software. Can be used for editing other programming languages. Recommended.
Macromedia Dreamweaver, an HTML editor. Macromedia offer a 30 day free trial, after which you have the option to pay them lots of money. But it is very good software. Highly recommended.
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IrfanView IrfanView. Viewer for probably every digital graphics format you can think of (well almost). Highly recommended.
IconArt IconArt. An icon editor/creator. Freeware version (free!) and Pro version ($9.95).
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Messer Messer. An mp3 recorder. Very useful for recording radio programs from radio/tv cards, DAB cards and the internet. Unfortunately no longer supported by the author, but still available for download from the Messer site. Recommended.
DigiGuide DigiGuide. UK TV & Radio listings. Not free but very cheap (£8.99 per year). You select the TV and Radio channels you want and their listings are sent to your PC at regular intervals. Very Highly Recommended.
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BBC Desktop Alert BBC Desktop Alert software. Popup windows shows breaking news, alerts for TV and Radio news. Can even set your system clock. Free. Recommended.
BBC E-Mail Services BBC E-Mail Services. Have a selection of news items emailed to you at a specified time and/or have breaking news emailed as it happens. Free. Very Highly Recommended.
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ZoneAlarm Firewall ZoneAlarm. A free firewall for home use. Keeps your PC safe from unwanted internet intrusion. An excellent product, Very Highly Recommended.
ZoneAlarm Security Suite ZoneAlarm Security Suite. $70 for two year subscription. Provides a firewall, virus protection, junk mail filter, pop-up blocker et al. Still being tested but so far so good. Recommended.
SpamBayes SpamBayes. Free spam filtering add on for your mail software (Express, Outlook etc). Uses a Bayesian anti-spam filter to score emails as spam, suspect spam and clean. Highly Recommended.
avast! Home Avast! Anti-virus software. Automatic online virus definition and software updates. Option to create a file recovery database just in case a virus does get through. Free for home use. Recommended.
Ad-Aware SE Ad-Aware SE. Removes spyware and other nasties that pass on information about you and may even harm your computer. Free for personal use. Very Highly Recommended.
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PHP Layers Menu PHP Layers menu. Very useful and powerful script for creating site navigation menus. The "Site Map" for this site is driven by Layers Menu.
Visit the author's site at
Sulata iSoft Simple "breadcrumb trail" site navigation script.

Visit the author's site at

phpWebThings PHP DBForm. Powerful database forms scripts. Used by this site for searching our Links database.
Martin Webster PHP News. An RSS news retriever written in php.
PHPrss PHPrss. Very nice code much easier to customise than PHP news. Used by this site to show UK and International news headlines from the BBC.
Visit author site at
PHPlot PHPlot. Displays data from a database in a number of display types. Used by this site to display temperature, rainfall and humidity data for certain plants in our database .
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Get Firefox! Firefox. Fully featured, clean and supposedly immune to the IE vulnerabilities. Free. Very Highly Recommended.

Produced by Mozilla.

Internet Explorer Internet Explorer. Probably the most widely used browser. Reliable, fully featured. Free. Highly Recommended.

Produced by Microsoft.

Dowload Netscape Netscape. Very widely used browser. Clean interface and fully featured. Free. Highly Recommended.

Produced by Netscape.

Download Opera Opera. Messy interface and tries to do too much. Free if you like adverts in your browser or you can pay to remove them.
Not Recommended.
Produced by Opera Software ASA
Get NetCaptor! NetCaptor. Free with adverts or costs to remove them. Interesting interface & apparently extensive security.
Not tested.
Produced by Stilesoft Inc.
Ace Explorer Ace Explorer. Free.
Not Tested.

Produced by Ace Explorer

Avant Browser Avant Browser. Free.
Not Tested.

Produced by Avant Force

Any Browser Campaign Any Browser Campaign - Not a browser but a campaign for browser and website standardisation.
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